In March 2017, there was a 60-day preview of Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser on the FaithLife forums. Mike asked some of his more veteran readers to help shepherd newcomers to the material on the FaithLife Forum. This website and forum stemmed directly from those discussions.

The peer-reviewed territory, mapped out by Dr. Heiser, is so vast it creates a need for an outlet for materials for which there is no formal peer-review process available. This website and forum were created to be such an outlet for writers, artists, and believers looking to interact with others on the territory mapped out in the Unseen Realm.

What is it?

We’re a full website & forum with three writers contributing to the front page blog. We hope the site may also serve as an outlet for others. So, if there are any believing writers, artists, photographers etc. Looking to contribute, this might be a good fit for you.

The forum part of the site is structured around the Unseen Realm in terms of the overarching missions of Jesus. We have also organized it to be a central hub for small groups to share materials and study the Word of God, wherever they are on the planet!

So What?

There’s a special resource manager set up to disseminate materials to small groups and make it easier to find things to bring to your church. Each resource can be reviewed, and have discussions formed around them, so people know how they can be used, the ideal audience, attributions, etc.

There’s also a live chat area, so you might be able to catch others online for a brief chat while you’re on the forum.

A Niche that Facebook Cannot Fill

On our private forum, we can share thousands of resources, and discuss topics that would lead to a FaceBook controlled group being shut down. We can also make those materials available to countries that would censor a conventional format.

Facebook is fun, but the conversations scroll off the screen and become hard to find after a few weeks. Our private forum environment is conducive to organized and focused discussions that can be found and researched later.

Also, if you’re looking to start a small group, our forum is the ideal place in which to find, organize, and disseminate study materials for your group!

Go and Make Disciples

Qualifying members of the DC private forum receive Free Access to the entire Logos Mobile Ed video catalog (over 7,000 video lectures on evangelism, discipleship, leadership, counseling, apologetics) + FaithLifeTV (over 1,000 Bible documentaries, dramas, biographies, and kids videos) !!!

The qualifications for access can be found on the Divine Council Church Drive page.

Add Your Small Group to Our Forum

The Divine Council private forum can scale as large as needed to accommodate thousands of small groups and many more individual users.

If you’d like to use the forum to organize (and optimize) your small group, send Terence an e-mail at tg@divinecouncil.org so he can set you up.

Nathan, Terence, and Zechariah hope DivineCoucil.org will fill a need for the Kingdom, disseminate materials all over the world, empower small groups, and be a worthy site for the Church.